livin it up while we still can!

soooo…my mister and i have a pretty exciting surprise joining us in late august. much like last summer (when buckley made his debut), another little marshall will be arriving this summer and this time it isn’t in puppy dog form.  we are thrilled with the news and also fully aware that this little stinker will flip the world as we know it upside down.  with that knowledge we have been trying to weave as much fun travel in between work travel as possible.

in early april (for my 31st) we went to visit my bestie in oakland/ san francisco, and had an amazing time tasting our way around the city (think donuts, ghirardelli chocolate, & burritos) and indulging in all the tourism that the guys would allow us to (we braved the golden gate bridge walk that is a little scarier than expected) . i hadn’t really been before, other than a short visit during her wedding last year, so it was really nice to get a feel for the bay area, and i now understand why everyone says its the best.  she is also expecting a little bundle this summer, so it was extra special to see her before we both become mamas in a few months.


{kk and i, at 24 and 20 weeks}

a few weeks later, we had a rendezvous in bermuda (jon was in the cayman islands for work) for our ‘babymoon’. we were a bit worried about the weather because bermuda is a little further north than the other islands down there and for weeks leading up it looked like nothing but rain- but lo and behold the weather was incredible and we enjoyed a glorious four days of sun, yummy food and non-alcoholic bevs.


if you have the opportunity to check out bermuda i highly recommend,  it has some of the most gorgeous water and views we’ve ever seen, the food scene is top notch and the people were super friendly.  plus, if you live on the east coast it’s like a 1.5 hr direct flight from nyc/ dc!  it is a bit pricey, but if you go a little outside the high season (late may – october) you can find some good deals, and you won’t run into the ‘spring break scene’ so that always makes things a bit more relaxing. we rented a boat and trolled around a good portion of the island, and even saw a ship wreck from the late 1800’s (the bermuda triangle is real!).  it was just the kind of vacation we wanted before we are chasing a little one around a beach.


here’s the bump in bermuda at 24 weeks, looking back at this now i feel tiny- this belly is growing fast!




happy two years, london

the end of march marked our two year anniversary of living in london- it seems like we blinked and two years passed.  the timing of our move here also coincides with my birthday, and as i’ve mentioned, i like to use this time of year to reflect on what we’ve been up to and also make a ‘bucketlist’  of things to do/see/learn for the year to come. we did okay on our 2014 list, not as good as i’d have liked but i’ll blame work. plus we accomplished the main thing which was welcoming our buckley boy to england!   anyway, here is my crack at our third ‘living in london’ bucketlist (with some things carried over*).

#aplusjuk 2015 bucketlist

*1. learn how to make sticky toffee pudding (#1 priority)

*2. FINALLY do the harry potter walking tour of london

3.experience a british christmas in the countryside

4. visit croatia

5. plan a weekend to the lake district with buckley

6. go to wimbledon (we entered the lottery!)

7. learn to make a fruit pie with a lattice top

*8. go horseback riding in hyde park

9. find a proper bagel place in london

10. finally finish reading pride and prejudice

*11. go on a date to dans le noir, london

12. visit barafundle bay beach, wales

13. jack the ripper walking tour

14. visit highgate cemetery

15. Sipsmith gin distillery tour

16. explore one of london’s city farms

17. take jon to barcelona (i’ve been dying to go back)

18. reupholster my vanity bench

19. go swimming in hampstead heath ponds (i’m kinda scared of them!)

20. learn to french braid my own hair

 …wish me luck!

the week we moved here two years ago

{the week we moved here, two years ago}

a norwegian roadtrip


in early march we took at trip to norway with friends and let’s just say we SAW norway. well at least rural norway (which is most of the country). we flew into bergen, rented a car and drove to the fjords in western norway, about three hours from bergen. we spent the majority of our time in the car, which was fun and also a little exhausting.  before we left for the trip we were teased by our british friends that in going to norway we were ‘going on a retirees vacation.’  at first i was offended, and now i kind of get it, i meeeeaaan we did go on a fjord tour…

it was a pretty slow paced vacation with lots of driving, sitting on slow boats, and searching out the most breathtaking vistas we could find.  okay, so it wasn’t cabo san lucas.  but it WAS pretty gorgeous, particularly when the sun was out (which wasn’t often, as you can see from photos). so basically we became vikings for a weekend. as the trip was so lowkey i will let our pictures do the rest of the talking.




fjord cruise views…






IMG_5127 IMG_5100

view from our airbnb

view from our airbnb


and these two photos pretty much sum up the excitement level of our trip.



''no photos with the viking hat on please. ''

”no photos with the viking hat on please. ”

travel tip: norway’s peak season is april-october, i’d imagine because the weather tends to be a bit more desirable during that time.

2015 so far


its hard to believe that the first two months of 2015 are already over.  so far, this year has been filled with tons of travel, lots of buckley snuggles and awaiting the days of more sunshine and fewer blistery winds (no crazy snow storms here, though i’d gladly take some off of your hands, east coasters).  jon has been traveling for work nearly all of the last two months, so it sort of feels like we’ve been dating long distance all over again, and i find myself talking to buckley more and more, he is a surprisingly good listener. doodle!


we had our first visitor of 2015 last weekend, abby came to visit and i was so happy to see her and have some serious girl-time. we mostly just chilled out, did a little shopping and debated #thedress. oh and we binge watched broad city.  perfect girls weekend!


this coming weekend my mister has a birthday (shhh! don’t tell anyone) and we are headed to norway with friends to explore all things nordic. we’ve rented a house situated on a fjord, and are looking forward to waking up to this view every day.



any tips on western norway-must sees welcome!  i promise to bombard the blog with one too many scenery pics when i return.

hope 2015 started off with a bang for all of you!


a weekend in copenhagen


in mid-december,  jon and i took a weekend trip to copenhagen, denmark. we expected chilly weather, happy people and tasty beer.  we got all of that and a lot more, we actually came back agreeing that it was one of our favorite places we have visited while living here.

we loved how accessible the city was, everyone was riding bikes and we walked everywhere we needed to go.  all of the food that we had was really good, including these ridiculous cinnamon buns…


 we paired the yummy buns with coffee from the coffee collective, i would definitely recommend a visit. the one we went to is in this really cute open air market, that was within walking distance from our hotel.  we went each morning for a coffee and little treat.

the city was incredibly clean, and all the stores we popped in we loved.  many of the clothes stores seemed to have a very modern, simple style- we had to remind ourselves that santa was coming in a few weeks.  jon loved this store in particular.

on our second night there we ate at this place, and would highly recommend. they had a grilled goat’s cheese focaccia that still makes my mouth water when i think about it. we checked out this place for drinks and loved the quaint atmosphere.

we made the trek to see hans christian andersen’s ‘little mermaid’ statue, which was less than impressive, but this ariel lover had to go regardless (though the original story is quite a bit more morbid than the disney tale).

{erected in 1913}

{the little mermaid, erected in 1913}


we also visited christiania, which has bee a self proclaimed autonomous neighborhood in copenhagen, since 1971.  basically it is what my home town of yellow springs wishes it could be, well at least a little bit.  it is a hippy collective where everything is recycled, everyone is an artist and marijuana is legal.

there are three rules: 1. no running, 2. no photos, and 3. have fun!

this is the entrance to the compound. duh.


 after just 48 hours we now understand why the danish are consistently listed as the happiest people in the world.

we’ll be back. xx

p.s. we also met santa!


giving thanks


even though these silly brits don’t celebrate the best american holiday- thanksgiving, we still plan to gorge ourselves beyond comfort with all the turkey, stuffing, mash potatoes, and PIE (duh!).   we are having a full on thanksgiving (tomorrow) hosted by our friends natalie and jason, as we did last year.  and while i am really most excited about all the food i also appreciate the opportunity to stop and think about what i am thankful for.  i try to do this every year, because, if i’m honest, i spend 95% of my life complaining about how annoyed i am about one thing or another. and when it comes down to it, i am pretty much just a spoiled brat with a great life.

it should go without saying, (though i probably don’t say it enough), i am most grateful for my family and friends and dr. buckley doodle noodle. i feel incredibly lucky to have you all in my life, and wish we were all stuffing our faces together today.

 here are some other things i am thankful for/ maybe just a list of things i am into right now:

1. our health, and all of yours too. with everything that is going on in the world right now, i am reminded how fortunate we are to be living, worry-free about our health and safety.

2. buckley making it to london safely, i nearly died of an anxiety attack in the days leading up to his arrival, and now that he is here its like we were never without him.

3. facetime/ skype, i don’t know how people moved countries without the ability to video chat with their friends and family. it really makes all the difference.

4. all the friends and family who have come to visit , it makes this ldr so much more bearable, plus its really fun to get to travel with all of you!

5. my new job, i haven’t talked about this on here yet, but i started working at the university of chicago (london campus!) at the beginning of october and i love it, like a lot.  ill post more on that later, but i get to travel a bunch and i really like my team and the new challenge (it is also the reason that i’ve not posted in over a month).

and a few other (less serious) things i am thankful for:

6. this new podcast, have you listened to it? my friend, lindsey, recommended it to me a few weeks ago and now i’m addicted.

7. this pet sitting website, i know it sounds silly but i don’t know what we would do without it, we’ve met some of buckley’s best new friends on it. and it has helped give us support on late nights at work and the freedom to travel on a weekend. it is in the usa too- if you have a fury friend check it out in your city!

8. this john lewis commercial. its a reminder to see the world through the eyes of a child. it makes me tear up every.single.time.

9. amy poehler’s new book, if you want a quick, funny, girl power! book i’d highly suggest. she has got me seriously lolz-ing.

10. finally, i am thankful for how sucky the weather in london is (yes, you read that right), and for sales at my favorite stores- because then i can justify buying cute jackets like this one (also thanks to jon for this one 😉


…now go eat some turkey!


the white cliffs of dover

jon and i celebrated our second wedding anniversary earlier in the month, i can’t believe a whole year  has passed already.  we decided to take a day trip to see the white cliffs of dover.  with all the travel we have been doing lately we wanted a simple trip we could take in a day and bring buckley along- it was his first train trip (he hated it!).  and aside from a short trip to bournemouth last summer we haven’t really explored the english coast, and while i wouldn’t say that the town of dover has much charm, the cliff walk and views of the english channel and france in the distance (!) are definitely worth a visit.  we were fortunate and had ridiculously nice weather the day we went- lucky us!





the cliffs are white because they are mainly composed of a soft white chalk, so it makes for some really gorgeous photos as a coastline along the sea. and when boat travel was a more prominent way of travel the white cliffs were often the first sign to travelers that they were arriving to england.

 buckley also got to dip his toes in the english channel, how many american pups can say that?!



life is pretty hectic at the moment, but days like these remind me to try and enjoy the time we have in this beautiful country, along with these two handsome boys of mine.  xx